Review Of Motion Detector – Cooper Lighting MS100PG

Light Motion Detector

What’s unique about the Cooper Lighting MS100PG 110 Degree 100W Portable Plug-in Motion Security Floodlight is that unlike its other motion detector floodlight counterparts,  it comes with an 8 foot electrical cord plug-in design. Most motion detector lights are generally wireless. With that being said, most consumers that are used to the wireless mechanisms would not consider this product. They may be missing out on a product that can do a great job if they have an electrical outlet near to where the light is to be plugged. The motion detector is the exact parallel on how it is advertised. Its motion detector mechanism is quite sensitive and would detect even the slightest movement within a 110 degree, 40 feet detection radius – perfect if you’re bordering on paranoid when it comes to safeguarding your properties. It also emits light at an ample intensity which is rare among floodlights. The only downside that I could pinpoint is its mediocre control settings. A lot of trial and error would have to be done beforehand which tends to take up some time and would require a bit of patience. But overall, this product is an inexpensive alternative ($28.99 on Amazon) when it comes to safeguarding your personal belongings.

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