Motion Detector Lights – Which Kind Should I Buy?

Motion Detector Lighting

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“Should I get motion detector lights?” It is better to be safe than sorry. That is perhaps one of the reasons why most people are now interested in installing home security gadgets. Specifically homeowners have become increasingly more interested in using the latest technology to protect their homes and families.

Light motion detectors (sometimes called motion security lights) are one of the best security system choices out in the market today. Before purchasing a motion security system for your home, there are some factors that should be taken into consideration before buying and they are safety, effectiveness, and energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

Solar powered motion-activated lights are great for varying reasons but because it uses the sun for energy, this unit has the potential to last indefinitely. Because the systems are used outdoors, the systems are generally very weather resistant. However, because it harnesses the heat of the sun for its energy, it will work best during the summer season. In order to conserve power during the winter when there is less sun, if possible, it is best to turn the unit off if the unit is accessible.


Many motion detectors with LEDs do not have enough brightness for the average person but over the years however, because of consumer complaints, the technology has gotten better and better. Most security lights have enough brightness for most applications.


Solar powered motion detectors are relatively safe because there is no need to plug it to an outdoor socket that may be exposed to the outdoor elements. A homeowner can easily install a detector unit outside the back door, swimming pool, backyard post or even on the front porch.

Sensors that are too sensitive switching on when not wanted. Adjust the motion sensor to your desired setting. You can set it to detect small or large movements. On the other hand be more wary of insensitive sensors switching on when everything is too late. Some system may also require manual resetting after every power interruption.

Choose from different types of lights.

You can choose to use the more convenient and easy to replace standard outdoor motion detector lights like halogen bulbs or floodlights, or the more expensive but long lasting light emitting diodes (LED). In the end when buying motion detection security lights be sure that it will fit your own desired specifications and requirements.

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