Help Deter Vandals With Light Motion Detector Technology

Vandalism against home and business owners is one of those life problems many people have to deal with….some more than others. Unfortunately, vandalism damage repair generally comes with a hefty price tag so, trying to prevent re-occuring problems is necessary and financially, very doable for the average home owner. By using current light motion detector technologies along with a few other precautions like neighborhood awareness and local police involvement, the likelihood of vandalism can be greatly minimized.

Use the guidelines below to assess the current levels of safety around your home and property. These guidelines will help you better understand what you may have to do to outsmart today’s vandals.

1. Install flood light motion detectors in areas that are vulnerable.The lights will automatically activate when something is moving in a specified range around the detector unit. Since the motion detector lighting only comes on when there is movement, valuable energy is conserved. Vandals are less likely to target a property that is well illuminated.

2. Your neighborhood safety is everyone’s business so, talk to your neighbors and discuss any vandalism in the area. If the problem is consistent, a neighborhood watch association may be key to prevention. If vandalism is happening at specific times, figure out who is generally at home during these times and ask them to be on the lookout for people who generally do not live in the area.

3. If your property is vandalized, file a police report so that you have documentation as to what was vandalized. Have your neighbors do the same. Ask all the immediate neighbors to notify each other when the vandalism takes place.

4. Ask your local police department for more frequent patrols. It is a known fact that police presence deters vandals.

5. Install surveillance cameras if the problem is serious. By installing cameras in areas where they cannot be tampered with, you will have footage of the vandals so that law enforcement can work on capturing the perpetrators.

6. Keep the property secure by limiting access. By locking gates, windows and doors, the vandals are less likely to stay around. By using unbreakable glass on the windows, you can hinder efforts to gain entry into the property. If possible, be sure to store vehicles in locked garages if they are not being use.

7. One of my favorite ideas for home owners is putting a radio and light on timers, even during the day. When a radio goes on and off at varying times, there is the perception that someone is at home.

After reviewing these tips, determine what your course of action is for your home. What will make you property and family safer? What actions, if implemented, will help you worry less and live more! Good luck!

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